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The Christie Hospital Young Oncology Unit

In 1998 we contributed £250,000 to The Christie Hospital in Manchester. This donation helped the hospital to develop new facilities for teenagers to receive treatment in an age-appropriate environment.

Teenagers with cancer

Teenagers with cancer have different needs to child or adult patient. In most hospitals, teenagers are treated either on a children’s or an adult ward.

The teenage years are a particularly difficult time to be hospitalised for an illness such as leukaemia.

Hospitalisation removes the young adult from their friends and peers at a critical time in their social development. It is easy for them to feel isolated and left behind.

The Young Oncology Unit

The Young Oncology Unit (YOU) at Christie Hospital provides care for teenagers and young adults (up to 24 years of age) with cancer and related illnesses.

Those staying in the YOU enjoy much more flexibility and freedom than paediatric facilities can allow.

Flexible visiting rules allow friends and family to come and go as they please and there are communal areas for patients to socialise with each other and with their visitors.

There are a variety of activities on offer and a wide range of electronic equipment – TVs, DVD players, computers, game consoles etc – to help keep patients and their friends entertained.

In addition, patients have access to a wide range of services – such as specialist counselling and support and complementary therapies – to help them cope with their illness.

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