Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales, inaugurating our charity.

In January 1988, Diana, Princess of Wales, inaugurated our charity.

We were known then as The Paul O'Gorman Foundation for CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA. Today we are Children with Cancer UK and help children with all forms of cancer. 

Paul and Jean OGorman in the Royal Free 1987How we began

In February 1987, leukaemia claimed the life of fourteen year old Paul O’Gorman. Just nine months later, another devastating blow struck the family when Paul’s sister, Jean, was also killed by cancer.

In November 1987, just days after Jean’s death, their parents, Eddie and Marion O'Gorman, met Diana, Princess of Wales. Deeply moved by the double tragedy, she personally helped to establish this charity.

Their legacy

Princess Diana plants a tree in the Paul OGorman Memorial GardenAlways a caring boy, Paul asked his parents to promise to help other children with leukaemia. Within weeks of his death, Eddie and Marion started fundraising.

Paul and Jean continue to inspire us. What started as a small memorial foundation is now Britain’s leading charity dedicated to the conquest of childhood cancer through pioneering research, new treatment and support of children with cancer and their families. 

The Princess continued to be a source of inspiration and remained interested in our work, keeping in touch and giving encouragement to our wonderful supporters until a few weeks before her untimely death in 1997.

We were greatly enriched by the friendship of Diana, Princess of Wales and shall always remember her with fondness, pride and infinite gratitude.

Princess Diana remained involved with us until her untimely death. 
Photo captions:
 Princess Diana was a frequent visitor to the childrens cancer wards. Princess Diana with our founder and chairman of trustees, Eddie O'Gorman. Princess Diana meeting the children.

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