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Our Current Funding Opportunities

Conferences & Meeting Grants - open all year

To facilitate dissemination of research findings and encourage collaboration, we provide funding to support relevant conferences, meetings and workshops.
This funding stream is open throughout the year. Please note, we will not accept applications where the proposed meeting is less than three months from the submission date. Please email the Research Office if your meeting is close to your proposed ...

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Assessment Process

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Application Process

The exact remit of each funding call is determined by our Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP).
Project Grants, Fellowships and Studentships awards are annual calls, with a two-stage application process.
The first stage is submission of a short preliminary application giving an outline of the proposed research - the aims, methods and the credentials of the research team.
Preliminary applications are reviewed by the SAP. The most promising applications are taken through to the second stage, with applicants invited to submit a detailed proposal. Short-listed Fellowship and Studentship applicants will also be interviewed.

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Peer Review

The detailed research proposals are reviewed by external experts, from the UK and overseas, selected according to their relevance to the proposed research.
External reviewers are asked to complete a form commenting on the originality, importance, design and costing of the proposal. Project Grant applicants have the opportunity to respond to these comments.

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Final Decisions

The applications, reviews and responses are then sent to members of our SAP who meet to discuss each application and agree which projects to recommend to the Trustees for funding, taking into account the overall balance of projects.
The Trustees make the final decisions, on the basis of advice from the SAP and the amount of funding available.

Children with Cancer UK is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), which sets minimum standards of good practice to which member charities must adhere in their grant-making, including policies on peer review. We are also a member of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI), a partnership of UK cancer funders.