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Intraoperative MRI Scanner

With your help, we’ve been able to provide £750,000 of funding towards the installation of an Intraoperative MRI Scanner to the University of Nottingham. Thank you.

About the Intraoperative MRI Scanner

Better results, fewer operations

This new Intraoperative MRI Scanner not only has the potential to improve the results of surgery, but also to reduce the number of times a child has to have surgery.

MRI scanning is a very accurate way of assessing brain tumours. However, normal MRI scanning can only be done before and after surgery, making it difficult to know how successful the tumour removal has been until the surgery is over.

This new Intraoperative MRI Scanner will allow surgeons to see MRI scans during surgery and see clearly how much of the tumour they have removed, and whether any is left behind. So the scanner has the potential to greatly improve the outcomes of surgery, and reduce the number of surgeries a child has to have.

The new facility is expected to open in June 2020.

Watch the video to see just how much impact this new Intraoperative MRI Scanner can have.