Spring craft party

On 18 April we hosted a spring themed virtual craft party with Made by Me Craft Parties for families affected by childhood cancer.

Bunny dream catchers, flower bookmarks and bunny ornaments

We had a morning of creating Spring themed crafts this April, and were joined by 40 children affected by childhood cancer, and their families. Our virtual party was hosted by Lexy at Made by Me Craft Parties, and the participants were kept entertained by crafting their very own bunny dream catchers, flower bookmarks and bunny ornaments. Erin took part in the crafting with her big sister Milla. Her mum, Alexis, told us:
Thank you so much for another fabulous craft party! The girls love the oh-so-cute decorations – it’s definitely starting to feel like Spring. These events have really kept us going as we found our feet post-treatment, and given the girls something to look forward to. Erin missed out on so much due to her treatment and COVID-19 meant we couldn’t start giving her the usual childhood experiences when treatment finished. We really appreciate the effort Children with Cancer UK put into finding online ways of generating moments of joy and normality.
We want to thank everyone who came to the party – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We would also like to say thank you to our supporters who help us continue to make events like these happen. If you’re interested in our ‘Events for families affected by childhood cancer’, you can find out more on our Keeping families together page.

Photos from the Spring craft party

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