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Darren had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in 1996. Since recovering from cancer, Darren is now married and continuing with life, with a few tips for children currently going through treatment.

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  • Patient Name: Darren
  • Cancer Type: Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
  • Age when diagnosed: 11

Emily: Hello I have a question for Darren. As a paeds nurse I would be interested to know if Darren would have wished the nurses who cared for him did certain things or had conversations with him that he wanted? What do you wish people had said and didn’t for ...

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What I had done to deserve it?
When I had cancer, I did often ask what I had done to deserve it. No one says it is an easy journey and there will be lots of ups and downs. But what I needed to remember is that cancer doesn’t pick ...

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“How are you feeling?”
The most common question you will get in hospital is “how are you feeling?”. It can be annoying at times as you get it over and over again! The people asking you mean well, but sometimes it can be hard to explain how you are feeling, ...

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Never feel that you are going through it alone
Support will always be there for you when you are going through treatment and it is important to remember that you should never feel that you are going through it alone.

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There will be always someone there to listen
It is very hard to tell yourself to stay positive when you are initially told you have cancer; simply because the very word is connected to terrible imagery. However, positive you can and will be as you go through treatment due to ...

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Cancer treatment

16th June 2018

What next?
So now that I’d been told of the dilemma, I set about figuring out how I would treat it. Well I say ‘I’, but it became clear from the start that my input more or less involved trying to eat as much as I could (I lost my ...

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