About this blog

About this blog

The whole process of dealing with a cancer diagnosis can seem utterly terrifying and incredibly isolating. Following our daughter’s leukaemia diagnosis I felt compelled to use our own experiences to explain some of the many impacts that cancer has on a young person’s life and the way it affects so many people around them. Blogs written by Rachel

  • Patient Name: Suki
  • Cancer Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
  • Age when diagnosed: 4

Stress awareness day

8th November 2019

Mummy, I don’t fit in anywhere any more

“Mummy, I don’t fit in anywhere any more”, such heartbreaking words to hear from your child. Six months post end of treatment and there’s an expectation that life has returned to ‘normal’, that the events of the last few years are behind us. Since the seasons have changed so too come the coughs and colds, bugs and viruses. Continually circling us, we’ve had sickness bugs and numerous high temperatures in the last month, it leaves you permanently restless and on edge.

Not able to relax

Still a reminder that Suki’s immune system is weak and far from robust enough to withstand the constant threat of infections. Knowing there’s another winter ahead with a strong chance of her picking up so many illnesses going, its left her feeling lost and sad. Sobbing because she misses the routine and reassurance of the friendly faces at hospital, of medical checks and comforting words from doctors and nurses. Frightened to be at school for fear of picking up illnesses from fellow classmates and friends, not able to relax into a normal school day.

Floating in no man’s land

The disjointed world she’s experienced has made her feel as though she’s floating in no man’s land. So thankful to be post treatment, but never quite without worries and wobbles, stresses and strains. The effects of a childhood cancer diagnosis will live with us forever in some form. This article was reproduced by with permission from the author Rachel and was originally published on her Facebook and Instagram page. Want to share your story? Please email stories@childrenwithcancer.org.uk
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