Children with Cancer UK continue to support Beads of Courage UK and the pilot scheme of their new Siblings Programme.  

Why do we need the Siblings Beads?

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When a family gets the diagnosis that one of their children has cancer, their siblings very quickly feel like they have become less of a focus. This is often referred to as the forgotten child syndrome. The Beads of Courage Siblings Programme has been introduced to give those siblings the attention they deserve and remind them of their role within their family. They too are heroes in whichever way they chose to be part of their siblings’ cancer journey. They too want to have a purpose, know how they can have a positive effect on their sibling. These beads will support just that. Each bead represents a powerful animal, it draws comparisons between animals and aims. It gives the sibling the power to make a real difference. They are not forgotten about, but an important part of the families journeys together.


What do you get in a pack?

Every sibling has the right to one pack containing of 23 animals and their stories. One activity could be to focus on a different animal at a time and create activities around the topics, for example story times, art and crafts either on a 1:1 basis with a parent or shared with the sibling. As demonstrated by Isabel in the below video siblings, they can also collect the traditional beads with their brothers and sister to capture those special moments they shared together. Our aim is to get to every sibling in the country over the next year.

How can you get your siblings beads?

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The pilot scheme of the Siblings Programme is being rolled out from March 2024. It will roll out in Royal Devon and Sussex NHS Foundation in its first month, further hospitals across the country will be rolled out after this. Our aim is to get to every sibling over the next year. Your hospital will be able to share further details during the national roll out plan. Make sure you follow us to see the latest additions to this exciting project and look out for posters in the hospitals.

Explaining my childhood cancer journey

Isabel is our first siblings ambassador and you can watch her story here. 

If you would like to get in touch and share you story and inspire others please get in touch.

Become an ambassador

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