COVID–19 information for applicants and grant award holders.

Updated 22/03/2022

We recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions to researchers’ careers and continues to impact research activities. To account for this, Children with Cancer UK will make every feasible effort to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 through our grant making policies and practices.

You can contact the grants team with any enquiries via

If you are applying for a Children with Cancer UK Grant

We have signed the cross-funder statement on taking COVID-19 into account in future grant applications. (Click link to read full statement) Our applications forms will include a designated space for applicants to detail how COVID-19 has impacted their research and/or career progression. This will be taken into consideration when assessing applications. Formal guidance will be provided to our peer reviewers, Scientific Advisory Panel and Trustees, to ensure that they consider the impact of COVID-19 when assessing applications and making funding decisions.

If you’re funded by Children with Cancer UK

We will continue to provide a flexible approach to our research grants, helping to minimise the immediate and long-term disruptions to research caused by COVID-19.

Children with Cancer UK supported personnel and researchers

Re-deployment requests to support NHS clinical services due to COVID-19 Children with Cancer UK funded researchers and personnel can only be re-deployed to help the NHS cope with COVID-19 pressures in significant and extenuating circumstances (e.g., another national lockdown). Formal written permission must be sought and obtained from Children with Cancer UK. The costs for the re-deployment of staff to support COVID-19 must be met by another funding source. Supported personnel and researchers unwell with COVID-19 Children with Cancer UK will follow the sick leave policy of the host institution and/or employing organisation if any staff on a grant become unwell due to COVID-19 or have caring responsibilities for someone affected. No cost extension requests: A no-cost extension will extend the end date of a grant, giving you more time to complete your project. A request for a no-cost extension can be submitted by completing a ‘Grant Extension Request’ via our Flexi-Grant system. Please include details of how your project has been compromised by the COVID-19 disruption and summarise the work to be performed during the extended period. Please provide details of the remaining funds available for your project and how you will use these funds during the extended period. Grant abeyance: We’ll consider requests to put your grant on hold if you want to pause payments and research activities. Please let us know in writing the proposed suspension dates to your grant. We will consider any period of inactivity, when assessing the research progress and outputs and will work with you to adjust expectations about project delivery. Budget virement The total expenditure of your grant should remain within the awarded amount originally issued; however, we will consider requests to use your funding more flexibly. Any research costs that can no longer be used for their original purpose can be reutilised to cover other research expenses. This includes utilising any underspends and virements between budgets. Formal permission from Children with Cancer UK should be sought for overspends over 10% in respect of individual cost items within the Budget. Costed extensions Across the sector medical charities are facing enormous financial pressure due to COVID-19. We rely on voluntary donations to fund research and our fundraising income continues to be impacted because of this crisis. While we have reserves to cover our existing research commitments as originally budgeted, the anticipated impact on our income in the coming months will mean we unfortunately cannot offer any guarantee that will be able to provide costed extensions or supplements. Please contact the grants team with any queries relating to costed extensions.

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