At Children with Cancer UK, our vision is to help create a world where no child dies of cancer. Our focus is to improve survival rates and the quality of survival in young cancer patients and to find ways to prevent cancer in the future. We actively raise and invest money for vital specialist research to help save the life of every child with cancer and keep their family together.

We are committed to maintaining high standards in all of our work. We are committed to maintaining good relations with all our supporters, donors, partners, volunteers and members of the public. We welcome all feedback so that we can continue to improve our working practices.

Children with Cancer UK is a member of the Fundraising Regulator and we abide by our Fundraising Promise and the Code of Fundraising Practice. Feedback, both positive and negative, will be passed to the relevant team managers to improve the way their teams work.

Your feedback matters to us

We openly welcome feedback, comments, suggestions and complaints. We actively encourage you to contact us with your feedback, whether good or bad. Complaints are especially important to us as they may help us to see where our procedures or activities might be improved.

We promise to take all complaints very seriously and aim to resolve complaints in a timely manner, fairly, sensitively and effectively.

If you wish to pass on feedback, comments, suggestions, compliments or a complaint, please contact the Supporter Care Team in one of the following ways:

Raising your complaint with the Supporter Care team

If you have a complaint you can contact us by telephone, email, or letter.

To help us investigate and address all complaints, please ensure you include your contact details and a summary of the nature of your complaint. It would be helpful if you could include details of the activity, event or fundraising you are referring to, dates and times and any relevant information leading up to the complaint.

We will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

First stage

If you make a complaint by telephone, we will do all we can to resolve it during the call. If this is not possible, we will let you know how long we think it will take us to resolve. If you complain by email or by post, we will acknowledge receipt and do all we can to resolve the complaint within five working days of receiving it into our Great Ormond Street office.

If the complaint is more complex and where your concerns require us to undertake further investigations, and we are not able to provide full resolution as part of our initial response or within the above timeframes, we will provide you with an expected timescale for our response and keep you up-to-date at regular intervals throughout our investigations.

Where this is the case we will also tell you who is managing the complaint, when they will next contact you either with a proposed resolution or update. In any event, you should expect to receive a full response from us at the earliest opportunity or in accordance with a proposed resolution date.

What happens with my information?

  • We will keep a record of your complaint including:
    • Your name, address, email and telephone number (as given)
    • The date we received the complaint
    • The details of the complaint (including what activity it relates to)
    • Details of the investigation we have carried out to resolve your complaint
    • A record of any/all correspondence relating to your complaint

Second stage

We really hope that our Supporter Care team is able to resolve your complaint quickly and in an honest, open and satisfactory way. However, if you are still unhappy, the Supporter Care team will escalate your complaint to a member of the Senior Leadership team. They will lead an investigation and will aim to contact you with a resolution within five working days or in accordance with a proposed resolution date.

Children with Cancer UK is committed to the highest standards of fundraising practice. If your complaint is to do with fundraising and you remain dissatisfied with the response you receive from us, you are entitled to take your complaint to the Fundraising Regulator.

Contact methods:

If your complaint is related to another area of our work and you do not feel completely satisfied by our response you can contact The Charity Commission.

Contact methods:

  • Phone 0845 3000 218
  • Write to The Charity Commission, PO Box 1227, Liverpool, L69 3UG.

Last updated: May 2018

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