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Whether you’re a pro gamer, just starting out or someone that has never gamed but wants to try something new, you can help more children ring their ‘End of Treatment’ bell by gaming for Children with Cancer UK.

About this event

Take part in Children with Cancer UK 24-hour gaming marathon, where you can join in the fun by playing and streaming with friend and family for a continual period of time to help fight the injustice of cancer in children.

You can choose to take part as an individual or as part of a team as well as choosing the day, time and game you play.

Become a Children with Cancer UK Gamer and sign up today.

How you can get involved

DIY Gaming

Host your own gaming marathon by teaming up with friends and tagging in to play for Children with Cancer UK.

You could even host your own tournament where you battle against each other to win for Children with Cancer UK!

Fundraising ideas

  • Why not try something new for this years’ CSR by engaging the whole office or a group of friends in a gaming event.
  • This could consist of all of the teams battling it against each other to determine once and for all who the best team/person is.
  • You could organise a Pay-to-Play, it’s a great way to fundraise all you do is charge a set amount for employees/friends to be able to take a break from work and play games for charity and you’ll soon see your fundraising target met! Who doesn’t want to play Fortnite between emails??
  • You don’t have to be a gaming pro to enjoy this event; for those who hosting a coffee morning, add a twist with a gaming themed event – how many people can say they’ve baked a rubix cube before?
  • If your office love the chance to dress up – why not have a gaming themed fancy dress day! Who wouldn’t love to come to work dressed as Mario!

Sign up today

Streaming is easy all you need to start is a JustGiving page, a Twitch account and to download OBS.

You don’t need expensive equipment to be able to host a gaming event – most games can be downloaded for free on PC via sites such as ‘Steam’.

Click here to find a useful step by step guide

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