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Whether you’re a pro gamer, just starting out, or you’ve never gamed before but want to try something new, you can get involved! By gaming in support of Children with Cancer UK you will be helping more children ring the end of treatment bell and keeping their families together.

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Host a gaming marathon

Take on the ultimate test of endurance for any gamer and host your own gaming marathon.

Whether you’re into Real Time Strategy, Online Multiplayer, or Action RPG, this challenge could be for you!

Hosting a gaming marathon can be a fun way to hang out with friends whilst also supporting a great cause.

Read our helpful fundraising and gaming tips

Set yourself your own gaming challenge

If a gaming marathon isn’t for you, then you can still get involved! Set yourself your own challenge, set up your fundraising page, and ask people for their support. See some of our suggestions below:

  • Play against the clock

The game of your choice might not force you to hurry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself! Use our Guess My Time template and ask people to donate to predict your finish time. The winner gets a prize – or 20% of the pot.

  • Challenge Your Perspective

Pick a game you’ve played before, but change up your perspective. You’ll be used to playing with a full view of the whole game, but narrow your FOV (field of view) and things start to get much trickier! Ask for different levels of donations depending on how much your perspective is skewed.

  • Workplace Gaming

Get your employer involved and organise a Pay-to-Play. This is a great way to fundraise, all you need to do is charge a set amount for colleagues or friends to take a break from work and play games for charity. You’ll soon see your fundraising target met – who doesn’t want to play Fortnite between emails?!

Whether you want to host your own gaming marathon, or set your own challenge – get involved today and game for Children with Cancer UK. The money you raise will go towards vital specialist research to help more children with cancer ring the end of treatment bell.

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Help more children like Felix ring the end of treatment bell by gaming for Children with Cancer UK. Felix was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) when he was just 10 years old. He finally finished treatment and rang his end of treatment bell in April 2019. Watch the video to find out more about his story.

End of Treatment Bells are placed into hospitals for children and adults with cancer to ring after their gruelling treatment.