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Collection boxes are a simple and easy way to fundraise for Children with Cancer UK. Place a box on your bar, shop counter or reception desk and watch the pennies flow in! Once the box is full, all you have to do is empty the contents of the box and send us the money you have raised.

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Place our collection boxes in your local shops, cafés, restaurants, libraries and leisure centres. Keep in touch with them and pay the funds into our charity account.

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Display one of our community shop boxes in your work place. It’s an easy way to encourage staff and customers to make vital contributions to Children with Cancer UK.



Have a box at home and collect your spare change to donate to Children with Cancer UK.

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How you're helping

Phoebe, a childhood cancer survivor, with her sister
Diagnosed with Wilms tumour


After playing in the paddling pool during the summer of 2012, a friend who is a health visitor mentioned that Phoebe’s tummy looked distended and felt hard on one side. We had all thought she had a typical tubby toddler tummy although I had wondered why skirts and trousers for older children were not fitting properly. She had been eating slightly less for a while…

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Small boy in front of some flowers
Treatment in the USA


At just 18 months old, Ross was diagnosed with orbital rhabdomyosarcoma – a rare soft-tissue cancer that developed in his eye. “In early June 2009, we had noticed that Ross, our 18 month old son, had a puffy area on his lower right eye. We took him to our GP who said it was probably a blocked duct and would refer Ross to the eye pavilion for clarification…”

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mother and baby
kidney cancer


In March 2014 I had noticed that Alice’s tummy seemed swollen over a few weeks, and it was larger on one side. Initially I wasn’t overly worried as my son had had a toddler ‘pot belly’ – so I thought it was that. She has always been a fussy eater but now she was going for whole days eating hardly anything, and saying she felt full after a few spoonfuls…

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Cancer is the leading cause of death in children aged 1-14 years in the UK and survivors can face a lifetime of serious health issues as a result of the intensive treatments used to treat their cancer.

Childhood cancers are different to the cancers that occur in adults – dedicated research is needed.

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