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Our appeals help fund life-saving research for children and young people with cancer.
Thanks to your support we are currently funding over 50 life-saving research projects around the UK.

Creating safer, kinder treatments

Thanks to visionary research that you have helped to fund, survival rate for children affected by leukaemia has risen from 64% to 88%, proof that research really does lead to recovery.

Children with Cancer UK is currently funding more than 50 research projects across the UK; however, we receive no government funding, and only 3% of UK cancer funding goes towards childhood cancer.

Will you help fund life-saving research and give hope to children like Daisy?

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You can give hope to children like Vega

For Christmas 2019 we launched two new Christmas parties for families affected by childhood cancer.

Vega went along to the party in London and had so much fun. Vega has been in remission for six years now, but she’s still dealing with stomach aches and pains in her legs that were caused by her harsh treatments.

A gift from you today could help make safer treatments for children like Vega a reality.

Find out how you can help

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