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What do your wear the ribbon for?

Celebrating Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Help us raise awareness this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by wearing the golden ribbon.

Only 3% of all cancer funding in the UK goes towards childhood cancers – and this is not enough. Thanks to people like you, Children with Cancer UK funds visionary research projects that will help develop kinder and safer treatments, so that one day every child with cancer will get to ring the end of treatment bell.

You can help raise awareness this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by sharing with us why you wear the Golden Ribbon over on:

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This year Dr Zoë Walters is wearing the golden ribbon.

“This September, I want to thank you because without your support, I would not be able to research vital new treatments for children with a Rhabdomyosarcoma tumour. Did you know that the treatment has barely changed in the past two decades? Despite being known to cause devastating and long-term side effects.

As a Children with Cancer UK Research Fellow, my goal is to find life-saving treatments without debilitating side effects. I have discovered a protein that is only present in the Rhabdomyosarcoma tumour and not in the healthy surrounding cells. Using this protein I hope to develop a new form of treatment that will reduce the long-term side effects of this disease. But to do this, I need your help.”

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This year Natasha and Sebastian are wearing the golden ribbon.

“This September, I am celebrating the visionary research you have helped fund. My little boy, Sebastian, was just 18 months old when he was diagnosed with a Rhabdomyosarcoma tumour; he had barely started life.

Thankfully, Sebastian is now a cheeky, happy four-year-old in remission. But his treatment took its toll. The chemotherapy caused major damage to his kidneys and bladder, leaving him at risk of kidney failure. My Sebastian, so young, faces medication for life, and our doctors still do not know the full extent of the long-term effects.

Will you join me in wearing a golden ribbon to celebrate researchers discovering kinder, safer treatments for children like my little boy?

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What do you wear the ribbon for?