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International Conference 2018

Cancer in Children and Young People
International Scientific and Medical Conference 2018
12th – 14th September, Church House, Westminster


In September, our Children with Cancer UK three-day international scientific and medical conference focused on the causes, treatment and prevention of childhood and young person cancer.

30 internationally acclaimed invited speakers gave their presentations over three days. These were web-streamed live and are now available on our You Tube channel.

Additionally, 24 researchers displayed scientific posters of their important research into childhood and young person cancer.

Photos from the event Please visit the Conference Website to see the full list of talks.

Main themes

We’ve selected a few presentations you may enjoy watching on our You Tube Channel. In due course all talks will be linked directly from the Conference Website.

  • Day One set the approach to causes and possible prevention of childhood and young person cancer:
    We suggest you view the talks by CEO of Children with Cancer UK,  Dhivya O’Connor and our Trustee Alasdair Philips
  • Day Two had 11 talks on different pollutants known to be associated with the incidence of childhood and young person cancer.
    We suggest you view the talks by Professor Roberta Mckean-Cowdin and Professor Richard Stevens.
  • Day Three dealt with updates on some of the key treatment research that we fund, a detailed scientific presentation on melatonin, some visionary causes awareness work in the USA and a personal life story by a young glioblastoma multiforme brain tumour survivor. We suggest you view the talks by Dr Mark Miller and Pablo Kelly, GBM brain tumour survivor..

Links to each day’s presentation on our You Tube Channel.

Day 1    Day 2    Day 3

See the full programme on the Conference website

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