Evie and Tommy's Mini Superhero Challenge

Evie and Tommy have raised over £8,000 for Children with Cancer UK by helping their parents with chores and taking part in the Mini Superhero Challenge.

Evie and Tommy’s parents, Karley and Andy, tell us their story…

In June 2018, our baby girl Isobelle was diagnosed with cancer – a brain tumour. After seven months of intense chemotherapy, at the precious age of 18 months we heartbreakingly lost our darling daughter and the perfect sister to Evie, 6 and Tommy, 4. It continues and will always continue to be a really tough road that we are on in learning how to carry on in this world without our baby by our side.

When I saw the Mini Superhero Challenge, I thought that it would be the perfect way to not only give Evie and Tommy a focus whilst we are at home, but also to give them a chance to feel close to their sister by doing something amazing for her and other families. Evie and Tommy decided on the Chores for Change challenge and completed household chores for twelve consecutive days. Some of the chores included doing the clothes washing and hoovering. The amount raised so far is £8,826 which has completely blown us away! We cannot thank everyone enough for all of their support and generosity.

The Mini Superhero Challenge is such an amazing and fun way for children to raise money for an incredible charity. To learn about kindness and helping others, it gives children a real sense of achievement. For those children who have sadly lost a sibling it is also an amazing way for them to channel their emotions, to feel close to their loved one and to give them a sense of purpose.

On behalf of all of us at Children with Cancer UK, we want to say a huge thank you to Karley, Andy, Evie and Tommy. Their support helps us continue to invest in vital childhood cancer research, raise awareness and support families.

If this story has inspired you, and you would like to take part in the Mini Supehero Challenge, click here to find out how.

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