Fundraiser of the Month: Robin

What’s the fundraising challenge you set yourself and why? 

At the moment, I am deciding on my next event, but my major challenge for the coming year will be to reach a massive fundraising milestone – a quarter of a million pounds, of which over £200,000 will have been donated to Children with Cancer UK.

How much money have you raised so far?

So far I have raised over £198,000,37 for Children with Cancer UK.

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Why did you decide to fundraise for Children with Cancer UK?  

It was a combination of stumbling across the work carried out by the then “Children with Leukaemia” and the opportunity to take part in events as well as one of my school friends being diagnosed with leukaemia.

The Children with Cancer UK fundraising family is so strong, from the staff, volunteers and supporters. I am honoured to be a part of the journey we are all on together and the vital work Children with Cancer UK carries out every single day is the reason I continue to do what I do. It really is an absolute privilege to be able to support such an amazing cause, and humbling to see the impact that fundraising can have on those who really need it.

How’s your challenge going? If it’s completed – how did you find it?

My most recent event was the London 2 Brighton 100km Walk in 2023 and it was a truly challenging event. Having progressed from trekking to running marathons, to Ultra events, the challenge was huge but I loved every step. The camaraderie along the way was spectacular and even though it was heavy going at some points and very painful towards the end, every step and blister was worth it.

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What would you say to anyone else who is considering taking on a fundraising challenge?  

Believe in yourself, and try to challenge your boundaries. Challenges are called that for a reason. Your challenge will mean everything to you and supporting the amazing work of Children with Cancer UK will give you the impetus to continue, through that event and beyond.

In fundraising terms, the best advice I could ever give is to give something back within your fundraising and not just rely on sponsorship.  Hold events, arrange raffles and auctions, and use your own unique talents to reach out to supporters.  The majority of the money I have raised has come from auctioning amazing signed items donated by celebrities and I am always thinking of new ways to harness that support. 

I have been lucky enough to gain support from some pretty amazing people over the years who share my passion (ranging from the likes of John Le Carre, Ncuti Gatwa, Gerard Butler, Peter Capaldi, Olly Murs, Martin Compston, Nick Park and loads more. 

If you visit my Link Tree page you will find links to my auction page and social media channels. Please do have a look and give me a follow – we are all one big fundraising family.

By fundraising, Robin has raised over £198,000,37 for Children with Cancer UK’s work, which will help us invest in more life-saving childhood cancer research. We’d like to say a huge thank you for your support – it is only thanks to supporters like you that we can continue our work.

If you would like to raise money in aid of Children with Cancer UK, we’ll help you every step of the way.  Start fundraising today

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