Fundraiser of the Month: Sam swims 1km

The swimming challenge

Sam has always been a keen swimmer but after learning of Children with Cancer UK from his school, Sam decided to set himself a continuous swim challenge to help rasie funds for those less fortuante than him. Sam explains why he decided to set his challenge:
I can’t imagine people my age going through cancer. I feel so sorry for them so I want to help to find treatment to make them feel better again. Also, my school is raising money for this charity by having an own clothes day, that is what gave me the idea to help.
When asked how he found the challenge, Sam said:
I chose this challenge because I love to swim and I have never swam this far before and I wanted to set myself a goal. I found the challenge difficult at first but as I did more lengths, it got a lot easier.
By taking on this swimming challenge, and setting up his fundraising page, Sam has raised £200 for Children with Cancer UK’s work, which will help us invest in more life-saving childhood cancer research. We’d like to say a huge thank you for your support – it is only thanks to supporters like you that we can continue our work.

It's an awesome feeling to know that you are helping someone poorly get better.

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