Home Exercise Tips: Staying fit & focused during the Coronavirus outbreak

Voted the best female runner to follow on Instagram for marathon motivation @susie_chan_, Endurance Runner has shared her top 5 home exercise tips to staying fit and focused during the Coronavirus outbreak.

1) Set a goal or find a virtual race

A lot of us had marathons and other running events cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. So the first home exercise tip is: find your plan B. Virtual races are a really superb way to keep that focus. Keep your running focused by giving yourself that all important goal.

2) Use social media for motivation

Home exercise tip number two: social media is a great place to get motivated! Instagram has lots of accounts from personal trainers giving free short work-outs. Anything from using your own body weight to kettle bell workouts, can be found. Most of them are short so easy to fit in between the home-working and tea-making! My favourites are: @Zannavandijk @tallyrye and @tashi_skervinclarke. You can also simply look up the #homeworkout.

3) Download a workout app

If you want to get a little more involved there are now some great apps to bring you classes to your front room. Fiit is a brilliant new platform with 25 to 40 minute instructor led classes from stretching to full body workouts, adaptable for all levels. You can level up the app by getting a heart rate monitor and taking part in live classes in real time, seeing yourself on the leader board to get really motivated! Fiit is currently running a free 14 day trial.

4) Try cycling indoors

If you want to get some technology to help you with your workout then have a think about signing up to Zwift. This is an indoor training programme that syncs up with a foot pod for a treadmill workout or with a bike turbo trainer. Turbo trainers are something that connects to the back wheel of your bike, turning it into an indoor workout bike. Zwift has pre-set bike or run routes that have hills and a variety of pace to keep things interesting. You can upload the workout to Strava afterwards, so if you chose a bike ride around Manhattan, the map for Manhattan comes up with your cycling stats. Turbo trainers for bikes start at around £50, with Zwift around £14.99 per month.

5) Use streaming services

Where would we be without TV and streaming services these days? I’m sure we’d be much more bored. For a simple way to get fit on the big screen have a look at the choice for home workouts on Amazon Prime. If you are an Amazon Prime member, these will all be free as part of your subscription. You will find there is everything from barbell workouts to candlelit yoga to help unwind. Simply search for “workout” and lots of different workouts will appear.

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