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A day out at Zippos Circus 2018

On Saturday 8th September Children with Cancer UK welcomed families with a child with cancer to be our VIP guests at a special performance of Zippos Circus.

On arrival, the children and their families were welcomed by our staff and volunteers and shown into their very own mini big top to meet our balloon modeller and to enjoy welcome refreshments.

They were then taken to the Big Top where they enjoyed a sensational circus extravaganza, featuring over 20 performers.

Ringmaster, Norman Barret MBE, hosted the colourful and action-packed two hours of high-energy acts from across the world.

The amazing line-up included the incredible Brazilian Capoeira comic acrobat Paulo Dos Santos, the stunning Cossack horses of the Khadikov Troupe, Cuban acrobats the Hermansito Troupe, showing off their Springboard and Russian Bar skills, Alex Michael, the fearless Brazilian aerialist who swings and walks upside down 30 feet above the audience with no safety nets or wires and Norman Barrett’s world famous budgies.

After the show, and back in the Mini Big Top, the children enjoyed a delicious post-show lunch and met some of the wonderful circus performers.

All the children were given a gift to take home with them and then they were given free access rides at George Irvin’s fantastic funfair.

Children with Cancer UK would like to thank Martin and Julia Burton and everyone at Zippos Circus, Cos Onisforou and George Irvin for their generous contribution towards this very special day.


Zippos Circus Gallery

Children with Cancer UK - VIP day at Zippos Circus 2017

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a child with cancer to attend their very own VIP day at Zippos Circus. You can see how much fun the children had and how much the Circus enjoyed entertaining them.

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