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About this blog

The whole process of dealing with a cancer diagnosis can seem utterly terrifying and incredibly isolating. Following our daughter’s leukaemia diagnosis I felt compelled to use our own experiences to explain some of the many impacts that cancer has on a young person’s life and the way it affects so many people around them.

  • Patient Name: Suki
  • Cancer Type: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
  • Age when diagnosed: 4

Beads of Courage

29th July 2019

Powerful tool
The Beads of Courage are such a clever and powerful tool throughout Suki’s treatment so far.
Receiving a bead each time a procedure takes place in hospital, or when a nurse visits, is very much part of the medical routine; “Have bloods taken, sit down with the nurse ...

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You’re so strong

8th July 2019

Yet we don’t feel strong
“You’re so strong”
“You’re amazing”
“I don’t know how you do it”
Yet we don’t feel strong, or amazing.
We don’t really know how we do it.

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20th June 2019

“It’s only hair”
I will never forget seeing the first bald child soon after being admitted to the oncology ward. It took my breath away as it began to dawn on me this was now us, our daughter, our lives. It was just a small indication of what lay ahead.
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