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Thank you for donating to The Sun on Sunday’s Christmas Toy Appeal.

Christmas is usually a wonderful time of year filled with family, friends, and festivities.  Sadly, thousands of children spend their Christmas in hospital, feeling sick from their cancer treatments.

Thank you

Children like Bella-Rose, who has now completed her treatment, previously spent three Christmases in hospital battling cancer. Her mum, Abbie, remembers the joy on Bella-Rose’s face when some Christmas presents were delivered to their ward. She remembers how Bella-Rose’s new dolls brightened her Christmas at such a difficult time.

That’s why we’re so thankful for your donation to The Sun. Your gift helped to deliver toys to the young patients and their families who spent the holidays in hospital. You helped bring Christmas cheer to children in the following hospitals:

University Hospital Southampton

The Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle

Leeds Children’s Hospital

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

The Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

Croydon University Hospital

We want to share some photos from the days that children in hospital received their toys:



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