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Thank you to all of you amazing people who donate, play our raffle and raise money to help more children with cancer ring the end of treatment bell.

The Chime is your new supporter update, created especially for you. We hope you enjoy reading about how you’re making a difference!

Owen's story

Owen was diagnosed with a Wilms’ tumour. His mum, Karen shares their story so far.

Owen became extremely poorly

I can’t quite describe how I felt when I saw the lump. Owen was standing up facing the TV with his back to me. He was holding his games controller, and it looked like his right upper arm was resting on something near his stomach. In a panic, I called my husband, who works as a paramedic and told him he had to come home straight away.

The hardest time for a family

After many examinations and a biopsy, our four year old son Owen was diagnosed with a Stage III Wilms’ tumour, a cancer of the kidney.

We were absolutely devastated. The size of the tumour was 18cm by 12cm. How this managed to fit inside our poorly boy was unbearable to think about!

All of this news was tearing us apart. Immediately, Owen had two courses of chemotherapy and one of radiotherapy, then six-hour major surgery to remove both the tumour and his right kidney.

Our emotions were all over the place. This was the longest and most heart-breaking nine months we had ever experienced as a family.

The surgery, hair loss, weight fluctuation, the endless dressing changes and side effects of the chemotherapy knocked Owen flat; it was all extremely traumatic for him.

A brave young boy

In between the treatment days and when Owen was well enough, we would go for days out or arrange play dates with his school friends. We had to make our son’s life as ‘normal’ as we possibly could, we had to stay positive.

His bravery and strength were absolutely incredible.

In December 2014 we were given the best news we could have ever wished for. Finally, we were told:

“Owen’s in remission”.

Owen is now a happy and healthy ten year old and is four and a half years in remission; we can’t thank all the medical professionals enough for helping our brave boy fight cancer.

How you can help

If you’ve been touched by Owen’s journey, help us invest in the high quality research that really matter which would otherwise go unfunded. This helps to support children with cancers so they can be with their families for longer.

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Safer treatments for children with brain tumours

“Science and the way we treat brain tumours is developing every day and more and more people are surviving.” – Prof. David Walker, University of Nottingham.

Thanks to supporters like you, we can continue to fund important initiatives that will lead to safer and more effective treatments for children with brain tumours.

One of these initiatives is a task force made up of world-leading experts, based in Nottingham and led by Professor David Walker from the University of Nottingham.

This task force has taken on a huge challenge – to find effective ways to deliver vital drugs to the brain, getting past the Blood Brain Barrier. The Blood Brain Barrier protects the brain by stopping toxins from getting in through the blood, but it also prevents treatment like chemotherapy from being effective at fighting tumours. These experts will work together to explore innovative new drug delivery methods, including some that have been successfully used to treat other types of cancer. For example, chemotherapy drugs could potentially be guided directly into the spinal fluid or the brain; or it might be possible to implant drug-loaded wafers into the cavity that is exposed during surgery to remove a tumour. These are some of the life-changing avenues that will be explored.

Improving survival and reducing long-term complications

We are also funding ground-breaking research by Dr. Manuela Cerbone at University College London. She is working to improve the treatments for children with a specific kind of brain cancer for which current therapies are inadequate, so we can reduce the long-term, life-limiting, conditions resulting from midbrain damage. Better understanding of this condition will lay the groundwork for future research into novel targeted medical treatments and neurosurgical strategies to improve survival and reduce long-term complications. This project will contribute to raising awareness of this debilitating condition and promote interdisciplinary clinical and research collaborations to improve care for these children with life-threatening and multisystem problems.

Nano technological solutions to deliver drugs to brain tumours

  • Professor Giuseppe Battaglia at University College London, is leading a research project on the precision delivery of chemotherapeutics across the blood-brain barrier for treatment of brain tumour. With his multidisciplinary team and use of nanotechnology, he is developing an extremely small molecular vesicle loaded with therapeutic drugs – a new carrier with the ability to navigate the body, cross the blood-brain barrier, target exclusively tumour cells and deliver a cocktail of drugs to eradicate the tumour. The team will initially test the effectiveness of their nano-carrier with clinically available drugs which will allow the potential impact of their work to be realised in a much shorter timeframe.

If you would like to find out more about these projects: Read More

With your support, we can tackle childhood brain tumours and save the lives of even more children with cancer!


Meet our Little Translator

Explaining research. An impossible task?

We don’t think so! In fact, that’s exactly what our Little Translators do!

The Little Translators are cancer survivors who help grown-ups and children alike to understand what research projects are all about and inspire them along the way.

In a series of videos, they ask questions to researchers, scientists and doctors to understand difficult topics, such as new MRI techniques, immunotherapy, precision medicine and more.

You can now watch Owen and Professor David Walker discussing brain tumour interventions in an exclusive interview only for The Chime newsletter readers!

With your support, last year we awarded 29 new research grants. This simply wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

We couldn't do it without you

Thanks again to all our amazing supporters! Here are a few of the many amazing moments shared with us this year:


Summer Newsletter Charity Bingo

Heather held a Bingo Night in Scotland and raised £700! What a superstar!

Summer Newsletter Fell

Team Fell ran the Virgin Money London Marathon and took part in many other events! Well done!

Summer Newsletter Kwik Fit

Kwik Fit has chosen Children with Cancer UK as its first Charity of the Year and pledged to raise an incredible £1million!

Summer Newsletter Legacy

Wendy decided to include Children with Cancer UK in her Will to help fight the injustice of childhood cancer. Thank you Wendy, we won’t let you down.

Summer Newsletter The Sammy Jo Brandon Foundation

Matt and Kim Brandon set up the Sammy Jo Brandon Foundation in memory of their daughter Sammy and have raised over £75,000 so far.

Superheroes Wanted

Get your child’s school, Girl Guides, Scouts or other youth group to take on the Children with Cancer UK Mini Superhero Challenge to raise funds and help save young lives!

Our exciting new challenge, centred around the number 12 in recognition of the average number of children that are diagnosed with cancer in the UK every day, is completely flexible to suit your fundraising groups’ existing commitments.

So whether your school chooses to organise a 12-mile hike or your brownie pack commits to completing 12 chores over 12 days or even 12 weeks – their superhero power is the change they will be making through supporting our fight against the injustice of childhood cancer.

What’s more, in addition to raising vital funds for Children with Cancer UK, you can choose to keep up to 20% of what you raise to support your own fundraising campaign and for every child raising over £10 they will receive a super special iron-on Mini Superhero badge as a token of our thanks and reminder of their incredible efforts!

So what are you waiting for, order your FREE fundraising pack today: Order Now or call 020 7404 0808.

A day out at Zippos Circus

In September, we will be welcoming children with cancer and their families to be our VIP guests for a sensational circus extravaganza! This event is all about giving families that have been affected by childhood cancer a chance to relax and enjoy making fun-filled memories together.

Guests are treated to the best seats in the house for the colourful and action-packed show featuring over 20 performers. After the show, guests are welcomed into their own Mini Big Top to enjoy a delicious lunch and to meet the stars of the show.

“Zippos Circus was such an amazing day out from start to finish! They made Bella feel super special. It was a totally wonderful family day out” – Lisa, mum to Bella who was diagnosed with leukaemia at two years old.

This year’s event will take place on Saturday 28th September and will mark the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

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Join our Sports Events this Autumn!

Autumn is upon us, and there’s still plenty of time for you to join us at one of the fantastic events we have coming up. Check out some of the exciting opportunities below:

Richmond Runfest 10K

Take part in this unique 10K race taking place within the stunning Kew Gardens, and enjoy a course that is flat and fast, with beautiful surroundings from the botanical gardens.

Oxford Half Marathon

A fast and flat 13.1 mile route that kicks off from Oxford City Centre, and speeds by world-famous museums, universities, and parks on this one-of-a-kind run before joining the Virgin Sport Festival of Fitness

New York Marathon

Run through the streets of New York taking in all the sites of the Big Apple, finishing in the world famous Central Park. Join over 50,000 runners from around the world and take part in one of the 6 world major marathons!

12/12/12 Challenge

12 miles, in 12 days, for the 12 children diagnosed with cancer each day. It’s our signature virtual event and you have a chance to take it on by bike or by foot, so grab your trainers!