As a charitable funder, it is important that we obtain information about the outcomes and achievements of the research we support.

In doing so we can communicate the impact and benefits of our research to our supporters. This will help us to fundraise and to support further research. It also helps us develop and monitor our research strategy to ensure we are meeting our research objectives.

What is Researchfish?

Researchfish is an online database developed to capture data on outputs and impacts of research. For researchers it provides a central database to report outputs and outcomes to multiple funders at one time. This information can be attributed to grants held with any funding organisations that use Researchfish. Please be aware that funders can only see information researchers have attributed to grants they fund.

Who is affected?

In 2021 onwards we will be asking for Researchfish returns from current and previous grant holders during the Researchfish submission period (usually around February-March). If you have an ‘active’ grant held with us, or your grant has ended within the last five years we will contact you and invite you to submit data to Researchfish. If your grant was awarded in from 2020 or later, it is now a requirement to submit an annual submission to Researchfish, as part of our terms and conditions.

What needs to be done?

You will receive a notification from Children with Cancer UK and Researchfish if we require you to submit data. You will be sent an email from Researchfish asking you to accept an invitation to submit data.
  • If this is the first time using Researchfish you will be asked to create an account, following the instructions in the email from Researchfish
  • If you already have a Researchfish account, you will be asked to accept the invitation to add the Children with Cancer UK grant to your existing account.
Once you have accepted the invitation you will need to:
  • Start building your research portfolio
  • Keep your portfolio updated throughout the year
  • Submit an annual update to us during the Researchfish submission period. You will be reminded of the submission deadline in advance by email and in Researchfish

Submitting information

The 2024 Researchfish submission period will be between 5 February to 14 March 2024.

Submitting annual progress and final reports

We still require you to submit annual and final reports in order monitor the progress of your research. These reports also provide a lay narrative of your research, which enables us to communicate the progress of your research with our supporters. You will be reminded of when to submit your report, usually the two months after the anniversary of the start date of you grant and three months after the end of your grant.

Further information and guidance

Please refer to our frequently asked questions document for information on using Researchfish. For any technical questions about Researchfish please refer to their website, where you can browse their user guide, watch videos and get help through email or live chat.

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