Children with Cancer UK actively raises and invests money for vital specialist research to help save the lives of every child with cancer and keep their family together.

Without your support the charity would not be able to invest in high quality research that really matters and would otherwise go unfunded or provide funding for welfare projects to provide better care and practical support for young cancer patients and their families.

We make this commitment to you in addition to the Fundraising Regulator’s Fundraising Promise, which we will also follow.

Your valued support will always be recognised by our people
  • You are the most valuable asset we have. After all, without you, we would not be able to go the extra mile to help ensure everything that can be done is done for children and young people with cancer
  • Every donation we receive matters to us, regardless of how big or small it is.
You will be treated with respect
  • Your opinions and beliefs are always highly valued. We will be polite whenever we speak to you and will not pressurise you. The moment it becomes clear you are not in a position to give we will stop asking and respect your privacy
  • We will not sign you up if you are confused about who we are, or about what we do. We will not take a donation if you can’t afford it. We will follow the Institute of Fundraising’s guidance on people in vulnerable circumstances
  • If you tell us you do not want to be contacted in a certain way, we will take notice and honour your request.
We will always be honest and open with you
  • We will tell you what we do and we will do what we say we are going to do
  • Where we ask a third party to fundraise on our behalf, we will make this relationship and the financial arrangement transparent
  • Should something not go according to plan, we will admit it when we make mistakes and will put things right.
Your relationship with us is truly valued
  • Our aim is to ensure that everything we do is in an empathetic, understanding and fair way
  • We will take ownership of every contact we have with you
  • We will treat you as an individual and not a number
  • Your donations have impact. We report annually on where your money has been spent. Our most recent report is available here
  • Because we value every person who contacts us, we hope to inspire you to help fight the injustice of cancer in children, contribute to a better future for our children and help keep more families together.
Our commitment to you
  • We adhere to the Code of Fundraising Practice set by the Fundraising Regulator. We comply with the charity law; fundraising law and the data protection regulations
  • We monitor our fundraisers, volunteers and any third parties that work for us to ensure that they adhere to our high standards
  • We will ask you how you want to hear from us about our work and appeals. If you want to stop hearing from us, just email, phone, write, or click on the link in our emails. We will always take action, so please feel confident in contacting us at any time
  • We will keep your personal information secure and will only use it to communicate with you; to process orders and donations; to keep you informed; for analysis and to improve our activities
  • We will NOT share your details with other charities or sell it to businesses
  • Some organisations help us with our fundraising, but will only use your data under our instruction and only when fully compliant with how we process personal data as set out in our Privacy Policy
Your feedback is important to us and we take it seriously
  • Your opinions and feedback will always be considered carefully. Both compliments and complaints will be taken into account during the planning stage of our campaigns
  • In both cases we use what you tell us to help improve and enhance our fundraising. Read our feedback and complaints policy
  • We are here to talk and listen to you – we welcome and actively encourage feedback and make it clear how people can get in touch with us
  • As members of the Fundraising Regulator, the independent regulator of fundraising in the UK, it means that Children with Cancer UK is committed to best practice in fundraising and follows the Regulator’s Fundraising Promise and Code of Fundraising Practice.
Last updated: May 2018
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