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We fund vital childhood cancer research to ensure that children like Hollie (pictured right) are able to grow up and achieve their dreams. Hollie’s mum tells us: “Hollie wants to be a dentist when she is older, and nothing, not cancer nor Downs Syndrome will stand in her way. She will follow her dreams and be what she wants to be!” During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we partnered with Zendium to raise thousands of pounds – so that more children can ring the end of treatment bell and we can keep more families together. Zendium are an oral health care brand committed to strengthening the mouth’s natural defence system and providing kinder mouth care. Gentle by design, Zendium products create efficacy through kindness for all, and are suitable for children diagnosed with cancer who often experience oral sensitivity caused by harsh treatments. Read Hollie’s story

Zendium will be donating £2 from every Zendium product bought at Amazon or from their online store in September to Children with Cancer UK. They will also be supporting families in our network with free product samples and specialist oral health advice, as well as joining us in raising awareness throughout the month across social media and through podcasts. You can find out more about Zendium’s products and their support by visiting their website. To help us raise awareness for our cause they are also donating an additional lump sum if we reach 10,000 views of our CCAM video “When I grow up”. Help us in unlocking this donation by watching our video here. Check out the Zendium range here

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Care and support for children with cancer

In September, families affected by childhood cancer are being given the opportunity to apply for a Kinder Mouth Care Kit from Zendium including toothpaste samples, toothbrushes, educational materials, advice on oral health during treatment and a fun activity pack that supports better oral health.

2 minutes of brushing podcast

Brushing twice a day, every day, is really important to keep a healthy smile, but we know sometimes this can be hard to achieve! So to make healthy tooth-brushing easy and fun for your children, try listening to this 2 min of Zen podcast series. Four new episodes available for morning and evening brushing, created by Zendium in partnership with @themummydentist to take them on a learning adventure in the Mouth Garden! Listen to the episodes here

Why is Zendium partnering with Children with Cancer UK?

Pau Bartoli, Zendium Brand Director says:
Zendium is committed to creating kind, effective oral care that helps everyone maintain the healthiest and strongest mouth possible. When undergoing cancer treatment, we know children’s mouths are especially vulnerable, in need of kind and gentle oral care more than at any other time. So we’re immensely proud to work with Children with Cancer UK, offering support, free Kinder Mouth Care Kits and educational materials. We’ll also be donating money from our online sales throughout September, to help fund the charity’s vital research.
Mark Brider, CEO of Children with Cancer UK says:
We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Zendium, part of global consumer goods company Unilever. Zendium products are much kinder and gentler than regular toothpaste brands and are therefore ideal for children undergoing cancer treatments. To support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, Zendium are kindly donating their sales profits to the charity across the entire month. As a charity partnerships such as these are crucial to enable us to continue to fund lifesaving childhood cancer research. We are very much looking forward to working with Zendium and would like to thank them for their generosity which will enable us to move closer to our aim of a world where every child survives a cancer diagnosis.

Raising funds to help more children survive their cancer diagnosis

The money raised from our partnership with Zendium will help fund lifesaving research and support services for children and young people with cancer and their families. With their support over Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we are able to raise even more awareness of our cause and the 4,500 families that receive the devastating news that their child has cancer each year. We are grateful for the support provided by Zendium and look forward to partnering with them on exciting initiatives in the future.

Apply here for your Kinder Mouth Care Kit

Thanks to the generous team at Zendium we are able to offer the opportunity for families affected by childhood cancer to apply for a Kinder Mouth Care Kit. Fill out the form below, and a free pack will be sent to you in the post. The pack includes:
  • Leaflet explaining our partnership and what can be found in the box
  • 1 Zendium toothpaste (either kids or junior based on age of the child)
  • 1 Zendium toothbrush (either kids or junior based on age of the child)
  • Leaflet for parents/carers about mouth care before/during/after cancer treatment
  • Mouth garden children activity booklet
  • 1 puzzle (with Zendium garden imagery)
  • 1 2 min timer for brushing
  • 1 leaflet with information and link to the podcast for 2 min of Zen brushing education
Terms and Conditions: One sample pack per family only, limited supply so products are available on a first come first serve basis. Delivery of products should be expected between 1 to 2 weeks from the date of application. For any product queries please refer to Zendium’s FAQs, or call their UK care line on: 0800 028 0173 Registrations for the Kinder Mouth Care Kit is now closed.
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