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Mr. Men Little Miss – Marathon Challenge

What it is? The Mr. Men Little Miss Marathon challenge is a brilliant way for your school or group to raise vital funds for Children with Cancer UK, and have lots of fun doing so!

How does it work? You choose an activity based on the number 26, the number of miles in a marathon, and children are sponsored to participate. We will give you lots of fun challenge ideas and top tips to ensure your fundraising is successful as possible; you can check them scrolling down! Once you’ve completed your fundraising and have sent the donations in and each child will receive a Mr. Men Little Miss medal to say thank you for their support.

What resources do you need? We have different resources you can use like a letter for parents – that will tell them more about the Challenge and Children with Cancer UK- or a presentation of how your donations help. Check them all in our resources section!

Where will your fundraising go? Your fundraising helps to save young lives. But don’t forget, you can keep up to 50%  of the funds you raise for your own school or group.

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Ideas for Challenges

Here are some of our favourite Mr. Men Little Miss Marathon Challenge ideas, but remember you can always come up with your own one! We’re always looking forward to hearing new suggestions!


A dance-athon. Dance for 26 minutes or 26 songs. Little Miss Somersault should be good at this.


A sponsored silence. Stay quiet for 26 minutes, 2 hours and 6 minutes or 26 hours! Mr. Quiet would find this one easy.

New words

A spell-athon. Learn to spell 26 new words. Ideal for Little Miss Brainy.

Alphabetical things

Alphabet challenge. Pick a topic and name 26 things associated with it from A–Z. Eg A-Z of capital cities or A-Z of sports. Will anyone beat Mr. Clever at this one?


A naming challenge. Name 26 countries, 26 animals, 26 musical instruments – anything at all. Mr. Forgetful will need to concentrate...

Pieces of litter

A litter pick. Each member of the group collects 26 pieces of litter. Little Miss Tidy will want to join in.

New foods

Food challenge. Everyone eats 26 new foods within a week. Mr. Fussy may not be keen...


A comedy show. Tell 26 jokes in an hour. Mr. Funny will have us all laughing!

Top tips

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your Mr. Men and Little Miss Marathon Challenge.

  • Remember to get permissionChildren under 16 must have parental consent to participate in fundraising. If your Mr. Men Little Miss Challenge is going to take place outside of your regular premises, you will need permission from the relevant authority.  For example, if your Challenge is a sponsored walk around the local park, you will need permission from the local Council. 
  • Set a target and tell everyone how much you and your group are aiming to raise.
  • Get everyone involved! The more help you have, the easier your Challenge will be. Use your newsletters, Facebook page and Twitter and Instagram accounts to spread the word far and wide.
  • Make sure every child has a sponsorship form. We will include five in your Challenge Pack which you can photocopy and hand out to everyone.
  • Send a letter to parents telling them more about the Mr. Men and Little Miss Marathon Challenge and the work that Children with Cancer UK does. Visit our Resources section for a template letter.
  • Your local press is a great way to promote your Challenge and to get some extra donations. Use the template press release in our Resources section to let the local paper know about your fundraising.
  • Collect money promptly after the Mr. Men Little Miss Challenge. You may want to choose a specific date to have children return their sponsorship form and money.
  • Thank everyone who takes part and everyone who donates. Use the Thank You poster provided in your pack to show everyone how much you raised.
  • Send us your stories and photos, we love to hear how you have raised money to support Children with Cancer UK!


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