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Each day, an average of 12 families in the UK receive the devastating news that their child has cancer.  With your support, we are able to fund life-saving research projects across the UK into the causes, prevention and treatment of childhood cancer.

But we still have a long way to go… Take on the Mini Superhero Challenge with your school or group to raise funds and help save young lives!

We’re asking you to channel your inner superhero and set yourselves a challenge based on the number 12 representing the number of children, on average, that are diagnosed with childhood cancer in the UK every day.

The challenge is completely flexible but we’ve added a few Mini Superhero Challenge ideas and top tips to ensure your fundraising is as successful as possible; you can check them by scrolling down!

To maximise your fundraising, be sure to create an online fundraising page for your school or group which you can share to help spread the word.

You will be able to do this here next week.

Not only will you be helping us to continue to improve the treatment of children with cancer and keep their families together, your school or organisation can choose to keep up to 20% of the total raised*.

Additionally, for every child raising over £10 you’ll receive an extra special Children with Cancer UK Mini Superhero fabric badge as a thank you for their amazing efforts!

*Please note, Children with Cancer UK must be in receipt of at least £10 per badge requested.  Your school or organisation may choose to keep up to 20% of your total funds raised; however, this amount must be taken from any offline donations as 100% of funds raised online via Everydayhero or other online fundraising platforms will be donated directly to Children with Cancer UK.

When you sign up to the Mini Superhero Challenge, we’ll send you a free fundraising pack which will have all you need inside to get you started. In addition to what is included in your fundraising pack, we also have a variety of fun downloadable extras to help make your challenge extra special. Check them all in our resources section below!

Steps to fundraise

1. Choose a challenge

2. Register

3. Collect the money

4. Send your donation

Mini Superhero Challenge Ideas

  1. A Mile a Day for 12 Days

    Whether you walk, jog or run it – challenge yourselves to take on a mile a day for 12 days, or maybe even 12 miles in a single day.  Share the distance between the whole group or class and march your way into the Superhero Wall of Fame.

  2. Chores for Change

    Choose 12 chores to help around the house, at school or in your club.  Commit to doing these for 12 days in a row and get sponsored to do it… Too easy?  Why not make it 12 weeks!

  3. Superhero Cycle

    12 laps of the park or playground, cycling your way to superhero stardom!

  4. Give up Gaming

    With such a variety of consoles to choose from, why not give up all your favourite gaming tech for 12 days… Why not combine it with ‘Chores for Change’ for extra brownie points and boost your fundraising!

These are just a few of our suggestions – the challenge is completely flexible, so get your creative juices flowing and devise a challenge to suit your school or group.

Remember that any activities you organise should be age-appropriate and properly risk-assessed.

Mini Superhero Top Tips

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your Mini Superhero Challenge:

  • Choose an activity that will be popular amongst the children taking part – by getting the kids involved in the decision, they’re more likely to be behind the fundraising all the way, ensuring the event is as successful as it can be!
  • Remember to get permission. Children under 16 must have parental consent to participate in fundraising. Furthermore, if your Mini Superhero Challenge is going to take place outside of your regular premises, you will need permission from the relevant authority.  For example, if your Challenge is a sponsored walk around the local park, you’ll need permission from the local Council.
  • Set a goal and tell everyone how much you and your group are aiming to raise.
  • Get everyone involved! The more help you have, the easier your Challenge will be. Use your newsletters, Facebook page and Twitter and Instagram accounts to spread the word far and wide.
  • Go digital! Don’t forget to set up an online fundraising page for your school or group. By providing your supporters with the ability to donate and share your fundraising details online, you’ll be able to easily spread the word about your challenge, raise awareness and secure further donations.  You will be able to set up your online group fundraising page soon.
  • Make sure every child has a sponsorship form. We will include several in your Free Fundraising Pack which you can photocopy and hand out to everyone, or feel free to download and print extra copies using the resource links above.
  • Send a letter to parents telling them more about the Mini Superhero Challenge and the work that Children with Cancer UK does. Visit our Resources section for a template letter.
  • Getting in touch with your local press is a great way to promote your Challenge and to get some extra donations.
  • Collect money promptly after your Mini Superhero Challenge. You may want to choose a specific date to have children return their sponsorship forms and money, but by specifying a date soon after the event, you’ll be able to let all your supporters know how much your challenge has raised.
  • Thank everyone who takes part and everyone who donates.
  • Send us your stories and photos, we love to hear how you have raised money to support Children with Cancer UK! So feel free to drop us an email at we can’t wait to hear how you’ve got on!
  • Get in touch if you need any further help! If you find you need any additional support towards your Mini Superhero Challenge and you’ve not been able to find what you’re looking for then please feel free to get in touch with us here on either 020 7404 0808 or alternatively drop an email to  Your Regional Fundraiser will be in touch to help in whatever way they can.

Mini Superhero Resources

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