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International Conference 2018

Cancer in Children and Young People
International Scientific and Medical Conference 2018
12th – 14th September, Church House, Westminster


An integrative approach to Precision Medicine, a landmark conference examining the way we understand cancer.

This conference will explore the way forward within the full US NIH definition of Precision Medicine.

Main themes

  • Day One: The metabolic and epigenetic roots of cancer: the evidence
    Top world scientists bring us up to date with the latest evidence
    The need for both epidemiological and mechanistic evidence
    The multi-causal nature of cancer and international collaborative research
  • Day Two: The environmental causes of cancer: the evidence
    Air, food, diet, chemicals, infections, radiation, lifestyle
  • Day Three: Treating and Preventing Cancer: the way forward
    Updates on the treatment-related research projects that we fund
    Kinder, more integrated, treatments to reduce suffering
    What to do about causal factors
Full programme on the Conference website

Booking form

Early bird booking until 25th August

Full price: £300 for a three-day ticket. No single days offered.

Early-bird: £240 for a three-day ticket. No single days offered.

Early-bird: £120 for Children with Cancer UK Grant holders and their team members, and for Poster Presenters. No single days offered.

The fee includes lunches, refreshments and light snacks and a social reception on the first (Wednesday) evening.

Student ticket (open to anyone): £60 for 3-day ticket for a balcony seat (good view of proceedings). Refreshments included but Lunches NOT included.

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