Fundraiser of the Month: Betsy and Ava!

This month’s top fundraisers: Betsy and Ava!

Betsy and Ava first interacted with Children with Cancer UK at a fair, where Betsy and Ava found out about the work we do as a charity and the fundraising that helps us do it. Betsy and Ava’s dad, Stuart said:
Betsy said she would like to raise some money for Children with Cancer UK after the fair and wanted to do some busking outside our house. It was getting a little late in the day, so me and her mum weren’t so keen as we wanted to winding them down for bed. However, Betsy was persistent as always, so we allowed them to do it and watched from the living from sofa. They are very confident and gregarious girls and in no time they were chatting to every passer-by. I was actually quite surprised at how successful they were!
Just 6 and 4 years old respectively, the two girls busked outside their house, singing with their guitars, ultimately raising us an impressive £85! Thank you so much Betsy and Ava; you’re helping us invest in research that will help keep more families together.
Busking girls
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