Fundraiser of the Month: Danielle walks 100 miles

Danielle’s niece, Flossy (pictured), was recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at just 3 years old. Danielle told us that the diagnosis came as a shock, and that she didn’t quite know what to do to support Flossy and her mum Sarah. When Danielle found out about the life-saving research we fund here at Children with Cancer UK, she knew she wanted to do something to help raise funds for this. She said:
After learning about the research you fund, I immediately knew I wanted to help raise money for this important cause. I decided to walk 100 miles in the month of March to raise funds.
Not only did Danielle walk her 100 miles, but she also absolutely smashed her initial £500 fundraising target, and to date she has raised an amazing £7,665. She says:
I was very proud to say I had achieved my goal. With Flossy in mind, I knew I wouldn’t fail. Flossy is facing every step of her journey with determination and a smile on her face. Flossy was my absolute inspiration to achieve my goal.
We’re so grateful for Danielle’s support – we couldn’t be investing in life-saving childhood cancer research if it wasn’t for fundraisers like Danielle, so it’s an absolute pleasure to name her our Fundraiser of the Month. A massive thank you from everyone here at Children with Cancer UK.
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