Fundraiser of the Month: Insta Charity Challenge 2021

Climbing Snowdon in 29 degree heat

The people making up the group behind the “Insta Charity Challenge 2021” have been on their own journeys of improving their own wellbeing through weight loss, fitness or motivation in many different ways. The group came together through the power of social media to raise funds for charity. Now in their fourth year, they have previously raised nearly £35,000 over the last three years for various wonderful charities.
We’re so humbled to have been chosen as the 2021 charity, and we’re delighted that the group have managed to raise more than £25,000 through this year’s climb up Snowdon. Not only did they have to push through the mental barriers that comes with hiking up a mountain, but they also did it in 29 degree heat, on what was the hottest day of the year at that point. We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone that took part in this year’s challenge. We’re so grateful for your support. It’s thanks to the support from people like you that we can continue to invest in life-saving childhood cancer research. Check out more highlights from this year’s climb by looking up the Instagram hashtag #instacharityclimb2021.
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