Fundraiser of the Month: Robin

Robin wins Fundraiser of the Month!

Robin is an enthusiastic runner and, over the last eight years, has run a total of seven London Marathons for Children with Cancer UK!
Most of what I have raised for this wonderful charity is through auctioning signed items donated by celebrities. From the cast of Dr Who, to the Prime Minister, to famous authors, a lot of amazing people have contributed. Right now, I am using the lockdown to focus as much attention on my fundraising auctions as I can and I have loads of unique items available on my eBay page. I would be thrilled if you could pop by and have a look, there are always new items going online so please keep checking back!
In total, Robin has raised over £75,000 for Children with Cancer UK and we cannot thank him enough! Robin, your fundraising helps us to continue to invest in high quality research as well as supporting families with fun days out. Thank you.
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