Meet the researcher: Beth Coyle

“I want to see more children survive that have been diagnosed with brain tumours. We’ve got much better at diagnosing them earlier which means that the prospected outcome is better because the earlier you can catch it, the better chance you can have for your treatment to be effective.” – Associate Professor Beth Coyle

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Children with Cancer UK are funding Associate Professor Beth Coyle and her team to try and find a new immunotherapy approach to treat cancer relapse in children with brain tumours. The team’s research in test tubes appears promising so far, and their ultimate aim is to develop a treatment which is highly toxic to the tumour, while not being toxic to the surrounding brain tissue.

This is incredibly important work, and could make a big difference to children diagnosed with brain tumours in the future. But who’s the people behind this important research? We caught up with Associate Professor Beth Coyle to find out what motivates her in her job, what made her want to go into research, and what she likes to do when she’s not in the lab.

She tells us:

Having children of my own, you get the feeling that you want to do something, not just to do better science or get a better paper, you want something that’s much better for the patient.

Outside of the research lab she has two children of her own, enjoys cycling, going to concerts and travelling when possible.

Watch the video below to learn more about Associate Professor Beth Coyle. You can also find out more about her research project here.

Meet the researcher: Beth Coyle

Associate Professor Beth Coyle talks about life outside of research; what motivates her, why she went into research in the first place, and how having her own children changed her perspective on her own research and the impact she could make.

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