Why does your donation matter?

Our mission is to improve survival rates across all types of childhood cancer and support children and their families to live better with and after treatment.

4,500 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK

Cancer is the leading cause of death in children aged between 1-14 years, and among those who survive, the invasive treatment used to fight the disease can often lead to a lifetime of serious health issues. Childhood cancers are different to the cancers that affect adults, and therefore, dedicated research into causes and treatments is needed. Despite this only around 2% of cancer research funding in the UK* is spent on research that is fully dedicated to childhood and young adult cancer, making your donation vital in the fight against childhood cancer. *estimated amount based on data from the NCRI Cancer Research Database (CaRD) for 2018/19

How you can donate

By choosing to donate either monthly (direct debit) or as a one-off, you’ll be providing much needed support in fighting childhood cancers. Your donation could go towards any one of the following areas we support.
  • Vital life-saving new research projects to find cures and better treatments for childhood cancers
  • Welfare projects to provide better care and practical support for children with cancer
  • Essential new research into the causes of childhood cancers
  • Research into preventing the devastating side effects caused by current aggressive cancer treatments
  • Childhood Cancer Research Fellowships that give scientists the freedom and flexibility to develop innovative treatments

Where your money goes

We’re dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. That’s why for every £1 donated, 77p is spent on supporting critical research into causes and treatments as well as support for the families affected.

Of the remaining 23p is spent on raising more money.

Our projects and success

Since 1987, Children with Cancer UK has raised over £250 million to support research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancers, and to provide better facilities for caring for children and their families.

From vitally important clinical trials and research to family accommodation, our small and dedicated team has funded over 200 projects, as well as supporting a Scientific Advisory Panel who provide invaluable scientific and medical advice and input.

Thanks to investment in research and treatment, survival has increased dramatically over the past 50 years. Four out of five young cancer patients can be successfully treated thanks to the research we helped fund.

Although we’ve made great strides in fighting childhood cancer, your support is still much needed and could make the world of difference to both the children and families affected by the disease. Donate today and help us save young lives.

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