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Patient Story – Owen

Owen was diagnosed with wilms’ tumour. Owen’s mum, Karen tells their story so far:

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Patient Story – Jacob

Jacob was diagnosed at three years old with Wilms’ Tumour. Jacob’s dad, Jeremy, tells their story so far:

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Blood-based monitoring of treatment response in common childhood cancers

In this project, the team is building on previous work profiling short pieces of genetic code, called microRNAs, in the blood of children being treated for cancer. They are now testing whether measurement of specific microRNAs in blood samples can be used to accurately assess response to treatment in common childhood cancers such as neuroblastoma, Wilms’ tumour and lymphoma.

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Molecular evolution of Wilms’ tumour.

Wilms’ tumour causes a significant number of childhood deaths every year in the UK yet we still know little about why it develops. The team is investigating the very basic biology of these tumours with the aim of identifying new ‘biomarkers’ to predict disease outcome and help doctors to tailor treatments to individual children. This could also help in the ...

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Developing advanced MRI scanning to improve Wilms’ tumour diagnosis

Wilms’ tumour is a cancer of the kidney, mostly affecting children under five. Overall survival rates are high, but there are different sub-types of Wilms’, and we can’t tell which type a child has without surgery. This project is developing advanced MRI techniques to help us diagnose accurately before operating and provide earlier, targeted treatment.
We’re funding an important project ...

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Learning about Wilms’ tumour to find new treatments

Although many children with Wilms’ tumour are successfully treated with a combination of surgery and chemotherapy, some are still dying from this disease. There is an urgent need to know more about why it develops, so the team is investigating the very basic biology of these tumours to help predict disease outcome and enable doctors to tailor treatments to individual ...

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