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Give hope to children facing cancer amid COVID-19 uncertainty

The entire world is currently facing a period of uncertainty due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, what does remain certain is that 12 children and young people will continue to be diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. And there are already thousands of families dealing with the devastating impact of such diagnoses.

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, these families are facing an immense added pressure. Their child is not only facing cancer, but may also be facing a higher risk of infection. Some types of cancer and treatments can lead to a weakened immune system which makes it harder for those affected to fight off infections like COVID-19.

We want to ensure that during the worrying months that lie ahead, we can continue to do everything we can to give hope to young cancer patients and their families.

Please donate today to support children with cancer through these uncertain times.

Please donate today

The effects of COVID-19

Current cancer treatments are not good enough. Often toxic, when children and young people are going through cancer treatment, their immune system is seriously weakened. In the current crisis, this means they are part of the ‘vulnerable high risk’ group. The current advice for some cancers says that they, and their families, need to perform social distancing and stay indoors for upwards of 12 weeks, or they could be at serious risk. We need to invest in even more high-quality research to help reduce this risk for children and young people when they are going through treatment and beyond.

Sadly, over a third of our funding is now under threat as people have had to understandably cancel events and fundraisers within their communities. We receive no government funding, so we rely heavily on these types of donations.

We desperately want to ensure that we can continue our work to give children the crucial support they need during these uncertain times.

It’s never been more important to give hope to children with cancer and their families.

Please donate today