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This new event aims to provide a set of short programmes based on a TV talk show format to make them easily accessible and highly watchable, which will:

  • introduce families who are new to having a child diagnosed with cancer to the charity and what it can do,
  • to share positive stories of hope and progress
  • to reach a wide range of audiences in a fresh new format, bringing together stories from families, staff, researchers and more
  • to engage potential fundraisers and supporters and much more

All events will feature different aspects of our work as well as different stories of the children. The digital series exists to serve and showcase some of the amazing ways supporters, volunteers and staff have made a difference to so many families.

Location & Date

  • YouTube
  • October 16, 2023

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Event two: Research – premieres 20 November at 7pm

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In this event we look at one of the core activities supported by funds Children with Cancer UK raises, again with the aim of demystifying the subject and making it accessible. In the programme we will explore:

  • How Children with Cancer UK supports research
  • Why it is so important
  • We will start to put it into layman’s terms 
  • Meet some of those who have direct experience of the real difference research into childhood cancer treatments can make

For this event we meet:

  • Ellen, who is a young cancer survivor with a powerful and unique story to tell
  • Christiana, Head of Research at Children with Cancer UK, who will explain a little of how Children with Cancer UK works with researchers and how it decides where the grants are placed
  • Professor Bruce Morland one of our Trustees who explains exactly what research actually is
  • And Sharon, mum to Harry, who speaks passionately saying:

Research must continue. We must keep talking about the over 200 different types of cancer that children can get. We must research for kinder treatments for children and we must make health professionals aware of the concerns we have about our children.

Event one: Impact – premieres on Monday 16 October at 7pm

Watch the video here

This series, hosted by Children with Cancer UK’s CEO Jo Elvin, will also aim to provide tangible hope and attempt to “normalise” the journey, by seeing how other children and families cope and come through with the support of Children with Cancer UK.

This event looks at starting to demystify the cancer journey of the children that the charity works with, some of the support available and how that directly has a positive effect on patients and families.

In the first event we will meet:

  • Natasha who talks about how Children with Cancer UK has supported them into finding “a different way to live life” since receiving a diagnosis for Sebastian
  • The “Marathon Mums” who found a new support network through taking part in a fundraising event for Children with Cancer UK
  • Luisa about how the positive impact of Children with Cancer UK supporting the Beads of Courage UK programme has helped not only her son Theo, but the whole family
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