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Our Conferences & Workshops

Through our regular conferences and workshops, we bring together stakeholders in childhood cancer treatment and research to exchange knowledge and ideas.

We aim to provide a forum for clinicians, scientists and other stakeholders to discuss and debate key themes, share knowledge and develop new collaborations.


International Scientific and Medical Conference 2018

12th-14th September, Westminster

A Holistic Approach to Precision Medicine, a landmark conference examining the way we understand cancer

This conference will explore the way forward within the full US NIH definition of Precision Medicine.

Venue – Church House Conference Centre, Westminster

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Childhood Cancer 2017, 18-19 September 2017, Newcastle, UK

Childhood and TYA Cancer 2017 was a two-day medical, scientific and educational meeting exploring the latest state-of-the-art translational science being (and to be) used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in children and young people.

We had platform presentations by leading-edge clinicians and researchers and we welcomed the submission of poster presentations from researchers working in these areas of translational and precision medicine.

We have applied for CPD points accreditation for this conference.

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A scientific and educational meeting showcasing state-of-the-art translational science in childhood cancer

Childhood Cancer 2016

5th to 7th September 2016 at Church House Conference Centre, London
We were joined by an outstanding line-up of speakers from the UK, Europe and the US to examine three themes over the three days of the conference:

Is precision medicine a reality for children with cancer in 2016?
Can we harness the power of the immune system to cure childhood cancer?
What do we know about influenceable causes of childhood cancer?

The format of the meeting was designed to facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge, providing a forum for the discussion of important issues, networking and the development of new collaborations.

In total, around 150 delegates and speakers participated in the meeting over the three days and we achieved our aim of bringing together a broad range of scientists and clinicians from different areas of childhood cancer research and care.

Conference materials including video footage and interviews with speakers

Are you a researcher?

1st and 2nd February 2016 at the Royal College of Physicians, London

Drug delivery in paediatric brain tumours (workshop)

This workshop, chaired by Professor David Walker, was developed to highlight the priority of drug delivery research and clinical trials as part of initiatives to improve outcomes for children with brain tumours.

We wanted to identify areas of pre-clinical and clinical research that can be pursued now, with a view to early translation into clinical trials, to identify drug delivery strategies holding promise for future deployment and to identify optimal development pathways for their translation to clinical trials.

With colleagues joining us from the US, Canada and Europe to share their expertise and experience, we enjoyed two days of lively discussion.

Read our blog about the workshop Workshop report and speaker interviews

Our other conferences and workshops

An empty conference desk

This Think Tank brought together world experts on leading-edge aspects of the interaction of magnetic fields with biological systems to brainstorm candidate mechanisms.


Think tank report

This two-day international workshop set out to examine aspects of in utero exposure to agents that may affect subsequent cancer risk in children, with an emphasis on mechanisms of transplacental transfer and early biological effects.

In utero exposure and cancer in children report
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In April 2012 over 150 participants from around the world joined us in London for Childhood Cancer 2012, our international scientific conference on the causes of childhood cancer.

Over the three days that followed, delegates heard from more than 20 international experts speaking across a wide-range of topics relevant to the causes of childhood cancer including air pollution, parental smoking, pesticide exposure, genetics and diet.

Assessment of physical function in survivors of childhood bone and soft tissue tumours

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Understanding how the leukaemia gene EVI1 affects children with Fanconi anaemia

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