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2018 Special Grant Calls

Clinical PhD Studentships & Small Grants in Leukaemia and Lymphoma

Our grant calls seek applications for new research that will deliver real advances in the fight against childhood, teenage and young adult leukaemia and lymphoma. These calls are being funded by Children with Cancer UK, following a generous donation from the Children’s Leukaemia Trust.

Important Dates & Times

    Deadline for preliminary application - Clinical PhD Studentships

  • 31/08/2018 5:00 pm
  • Deadline for full application - Small Project Grants

  • 31/08/2018 5:00 pm

Research objectives

We seek proposals that address one or more of the following specific research objectives in leukaemia and lymphoma:

  1. To improve knowledge of the genetic and environmental causes and relevant biological mechanisms of childhood and teenage and young adult (TYA) leukaemias and lymphomas.

  2. To identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for childhood and TYA leukaemias and lymphomas.

  3. To optimise and develop more effective and less toxic cancer treatments, with a special focus on those forms of leukaemia and lymphoma that still carry a poor prognosis for children, teenagers and young adults.

  4. To understand the long-term health implications of childhood and TYA leukaemia and lymphoma and their treatment.

Call 1. Clinical PhD Studentships

Call 1. Clinical PhD Studentships in Leukaemia and Lymphoma

Children with Cancer UK are pleased to announce the availability of two 3-year Clinical PhD Studentships specialising in the field of Leukaemia and Lymphoma in children and young adults, aged 0 – 24 years.

The studentships aim to offer an opportunity for clinicians to develop a robust research foundation and provide the first step in the pursuit of an independent career as a leader in clinical research. The proposed research project must be hypothesis driven and represent an area of research, which you intend to further develop in your future career.

It is important that you include the aims and objectives of the research together with the techniques and training required to deliver them. Devising a justified programme of development and demonstrating knowledge and appreciation of research methodologies are vital attributes in the pursuit of a PhD and further research experience.

Successful candidates may defer the start of their studentships for up to one year.

Call 2. Small Project Grants

Call 2. Small Project Grants in Leukaemia and Lymphoma up to £50k and 12 months duration

Children with Cancer UK are also pleased to announce the availability of up to 4 Small Project Grants in the area of Leukaemia and Lymphoma up to a maximum of £50k in value and 12 months duration.

Grant funding for these projects will also be provided by Children with Cancer UK, and has also been made possible by a generous donation from the Children’s Leukaemia Trust.

Application process

Application process and timetable

Who may apply?

Proposals must be submitted by a UK academic institution (university, hospital or research institute). We will consider funding international collaborations where researchers from a UK institution play a leading role.

Clinical PhD Studentships in Leukaemia and Lymphoma:

There is a two-stage application process.

The first stage is submission of a preliminary proposal which must be submitted using the application form provided and following the guidelines below. Preliminary proposals are reviewed by our grant panel who will decide which to put through to the second stage.

Second stage applications will be subject to full, external peer review.

Deadline for preliminary proposals is 5pm, Friday 31st August 2018

Small Project Grants in Leukaemia and Lymphoma up to £50k and 12 months duration

There is a single stage application process.

Deadline for full proposals is 5pm Friday 31st August 2018



Joseph Bryan on 020 7400 7588

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