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How to setup a Virgin Money Giving page

What is Virgin Money Giving?

Virgin Money Giving is an excellent online fundraising website which allows you to quickly set up a fundraising page so friends & family can easily help you reach your fundraising goals, leaving you more time to concentrate on the event.

Virgin Money Giving is 100% not-for-profit, meaning we get a much higher percentage of the donations compared to any other fundraising platform. They’re also the official fundraising website of the London Marathon and therefore one of the most well known and trusted fundraising platforms.

Follow the steps below to create a Virgin Money Giving page and start fundraising!

Steps to set up a Virgin Money Giving page

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Visit the website

Go to the Virgin Money Giving Site (link below) and navigate to the 'Start fundraising' section, then click 'Set up a fundraising page'

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Select your fundraising type

Select the 'Organised event' option

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Choose your event & charity

Search for the event you are participating in & fill in your fundraising goals

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Create your page & start fundraising

Register for an account & login, then set up and share your page!

Share your Virgin Money Giving page

Once you’ve created your page, share your page to social media & get the word out there!

In the meantime, why not check out some of our training pages to get some tips on how to best prepare for your event?

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