UK Clothing Caravan Ltd

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UK Clothing Caravan Ltd raises funds for Children with Cancer UK  from collecting unwanted clothing, shoes and fashion accessories for the purpose of Reuse. They operate licensed House to House collections nationwide and can raise at least £2,100.00 each month. The clothing collected is diverted from landfill for the purpose of Reuse.

Donate your pre-loved clothing and help our fight against childhood cancer

How to donate: Simply fill the collection bag provided with unwanted clothing and leave it outside on the collection day. If you require more than one bag, you are welcome to use any additional bags.

What we accept: Clean and reusable clothing, shoes and accessories (handbags, purses, scarves, belts, hats, jewellery, sunglasses, headbands, etc…)

What we don’t accept:  Duvets, blankets, pillows, ripped or damaged, dirty or wet/damp clothing, uniforms, rugs, mats, DVD’S, toys.

Helpline number: Please feel free to contact us on 08000 029 560 or text us to 07496014113 to report any missed bags or to enquire about booking a future collection.

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