Fundraiser of the Month: Hollie

We couldn’t be doing what we’re doing, investing in research and supporting families, without our amazing fundraisers, large and small.

That’s why we’re introducing… fundraiser of the month!


Our first fabulous fundraiser is Hollie

Hollie loves walking her dog, Bella, with her sisters Poppie and Lillie and she is very popular at school.

Hollie has Down’s syndrome and in July 2009 she was also diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukaemia. Amazingly, she is now 10 years all-clear and doing really well.

To celebrate her 10 year all-clear milestone, Hollie decided to cut off 14 inches of her hair to raise just under £200 for Children with Cancer UK.

Thank you for your support Hollie, your new look is amazing!

Hollie haircut for charity 2