Garry rans the Bath Half Marathon

Bella is my niece, my God daughter and best friend and watching someone you love so much go through cancer is one of hardest things you will have to endure as a family.

I felt strongly (and have been saying it for years) that I had to give something back to Children with Cancer UK for their amazing help, generosity and support to Bella and my family throughout her treatment. They were unbelievable and I just wanted to give something back but was always unsure what or how I could do it.

I see all the time people fund raising all the time but it is sometimes hard to fully appreciate what other people and families have gone through until your are in the middle of the nightmare. People raise money doing crazy events but I felt like doing Bath half marathon was something I could achieve and if I could raise some money as well then it was a perfect scenario.

I had planned, with the help of my local gym I go to, to train and get my body acclimatised to being able to run the distance of a half marathon, however as the time came closer and closer I just didn’t have the time and this almost became a better driving point to raise money. I knew deep down I would be fine to run the marathon, but only running 3 5km’s as my training, psychologically I made sure I drummed into my brain that no matter how difficult or how much pain I might be in, it was nothing compared to what the poorly children or what Bella ever went through.

The event itself was brilliant, my Mum and step-dad came to support and some of my work colleagues were there too. The crowds lining the streets of Bath were amazing and so supportive too and wearing my Children with Cancer UK t-shirt on hopefully raised some more awareness. Unfortunately Bella was not there to watch me race as she thought it would be more appropriate to go on a summer holiday to Gran Canaria, but I guess I will just have to run again and she can watch me next time instead.

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Bella is my niece, my God daughter and best friend

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