Cancer survival in 13-24 has improved

Children with Cancer UK, CEO, Dhivya O’Connor comments today: “We welcome the news from Teenage Cancer Trust that more teenagers and young people are surviving cancer in their report published today with Public Health England. “We hope with the recent commitment from NHS England to offer all children with cancer whole genome sequencing, Five Year Survival rates will continue to improve in years to come. The NHS must ensure all young cancer patients have access to new and cutting-edge treatments and better access to clinical trials. Although it is important to note that the incidences of cancer amongst young people is incredibly rare, the report shows incidences are continuing to rise, so we must take action. That is why charities like Children with Cancer UK continue to lead the way with funding pioneering work to help understand the causes of cancer in young people and whether there is scope for prevention, and have continued to invest in programmes to help drive forward the implementation of Precision Medicines for children with cancer in the UK.”
Dhivya O'Connor
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