Launching Precision Medicine at the House of Commons

The event was hosted by Shadow Minister for Public Health, Sharon Hodgson MP. Amongst our guests were childhood cancer families, concerned MPs, celebrity friends and involved supporters. It was a successful day, aimed at raising awareness amongst MPs and stakeholders of this exciting new Precision Medicine project.

Sharon Hodgson MP said:

I am humbled that we are here today to launch Children with Cancer UK’s new £1.5M fund, to support the deployment of Precision Medicines across children’s cancers. Precision Medicine will target specific cancers in children.

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See how the day went

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Claire Rumble, mum to cancer survivor Louis said:

Louis had three years of chemotherapy, steroids and other medication. We gave him daily and weekly chemotherapy at home. He lost 20% of his body weight. My family and I feel very honoured to be here today for the launch of Precision Medicine and feel very positive about the future.

Our Chief executive, Cliff O’Gorman said:

The theme for today is helping to increase the number of children surviving and to provide kinder treatments. This is a dream for me and for many others in this room – that we can make a difference over the next few years with Precision Medicine.

Professor Louis Chesler, who is leading this Precision Medicine research said:

The project has two components: it’s going to take advantage of the very rapid changes in technology and the ability to sequence the genes and the genetic changes that drive these tumours to grow. Treating patients in a professional fashion will maximise the chance that these drugs can be effective and can extend survival.

More about the day

Over 200 guests attended this national landmark event, with keynote speeches from Shadow Minister for Public Health, Sharon Hodgson MP, our Chief Executive, Cliff O’Gorman, Trustee, Linda Robson, Professor Louis Chesler, Institute of Cancer Research, who is leading this Precision Medicine research and Claire Rumble, mum to cancer survivor, Louis.

The Little Translator video by Louis and Grace explaining Precision Medicine made its premiere and was well received by all the guests, as was our Infographic, giving a graphic visual representation of what Precision Medicine is, ‘Benefits of Precision Medicine’,’ Why now’ and ‘What we are funding’.

Infographic on Precision Medicine (PDF)

We had one or two celebrities along too: Linda Robson, Daniel Roche (from the sitcom Outnumbered), Michelle Ackerley (One show presenter), Bob Barrett (Holby City), Kaye Wragg (Holby City and The Bill) and last but not least, Mr.Men characters, Mr. Strong, Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. Bump.

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Little Translators

Louis and Grace explain Precision Medicine

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Cheque presentations

We were absolutely delighted to receive two cheques on the day.

One from The Sun’s Smiles at Christmas campaign, which raised £29,302.45 through the papers generous readers.

The second cheque presentation was from Saloni Thakkar, who herself battled with breast cancer and wanted to give something back. Saloni held a charity ball and raised an amazing £41,100 for us.

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