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Lily's story

Lily and her family: Christmas 2020

“I believe that research is needed for earlier diagnosis because we wouldn’t have encountered some of the problems that Lily has encountered, such as her visual loss.” – Lianna, Lily’s mum. Finishing treatment this Christmas, we spoke to Lily-May and her family about her childhood cancer journey so far and the urgent need for continued research to find cures and better treatments for children like Lily. Keep on reading to find out more about their story.

The devastating news we received

After feeling that my concerns were not being taken seriously, we proceeded to take her to a private paediatrician who immediately referred us for blood tests and a heart scan. Whilst awaiting a heart scan we became seriously concerned for Lily as she suddenly became very lethargic, so we took her to A&E. The doctors were shocked at her condition and immediately put a feeding tube into her stomach and began to run more tests. We stayed in hospital and fed her every few hours but over the next few days she did not gain any weight. They then started to run some genetic tests. It was only when we noticed that she had developed a nystagmus – flickering of the eyes that she was referred for an eye exam and an MRI scan after nine days in hospital. We were then given the news that Lily had a brain tumour. It was completely shocking and devastating but suddenly everything made sense.  
Lily girl with key toy after diagnosis as inpatient

The treatment begins

We were then referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital and lily began treatment in the December 2017. Chemotherapy has been very tough on Lily. We have spent many days and nights in hospital as she picks up illnesses quite easily due to having a low immune system. She has also had a number of blood and platelet transfusions because of the chemotherapy. Her diagnosis has been devastating and life changing but so far after nearly a year of chemotherapy the tumour has remained stable so we are feeling very positive at the moment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Update: November 2019

Lily is currently two years into her cancer journey.  After an initial 18 months of intensive chemotherapy we celebrated the end of treatment in May 2019. We had a four month break before discovering that the tumour had grown along with a number of cysts and that her vision had further deteriorated. She then began a further year of treatment. She also had a VP shunt fitted because the fluid in her brain does not drain as it should due to the tumour. After further chemotherapy, Lily began to walk with a slight limp and a scan has shown the tumour and cysts have continued to grow. She will now need a further course of chemotherapy for another year.
girl with blue top and blond hair lying in bed with feeding tube

Update September 2021

After another course of chemotherapy and some positive results, Lily-May finished chemotherapy in October 2020. She also welcomed a baby sister in November 2020 who she adores. Sadly after six months, a scan showed that her tumour has begun to grow again. She has also lost her remaining sight in her left eye. She is now currently completing another course of chemotherapy.
Lily 2

Update: March 2022

Lily has just completed a further year of chemotherapy which she has had positive results from, including some shrinkage of the tumour. She was able to ring the end of treatment bell on Friday 25 February surrounded by close family and friends at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital park. It was a day of joy and hope for all of us. She will now have scans every four months to monitor the tumour. We will never give up fighting.
Lily ringing the end of treatment bell on 25 Feb 2022 at Great Omond Street Hospital (2)

How you can help

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