Follow Laraib - an inspiring child - through a 24-hour window into her life.

Laraib was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)  Understand what it means to be a child living with cancer and learn about the vast support network that’s needed to care for those affected by the disease. Children with Cancer UK is dedicated to supporting children like Laraib who teach us a lot about positivity and perseverance along the way.

  • 7am

    Hi, I'm Laraib and this is my new life

    My name is Laraib and I’m 10. I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia with an abl2 translocation in February 2017. I have been told I am the only person in the country with this type of cancer.  
  • 8am

    Breakfast, my morning medicine routine and getting ready for my daily trip to the hospital

    My daily morning routine has changed a lot and I often have no appetite or feel sick at breakfast time now.  
  • 10am

    Our daily trip to the hospital

    I have to go to Birmingham Children’s Hospital every day to receive treatment and have lots of tests done.  
  • 11am

    How I've always liked to have fun

    I loved to bake and garden before my treatment started.  
  • Midday

    Visiting my school :-)

    This is the first time I’ve been to school for a long time.  
  • 2pm

    My daily tablets and community nurses

    Tablets and medication are now a big part of my life.  
  • 4pm

    Beads of courage

    These are my beads of courage and this is what each bead means.  
  • 6pm

    Family time – a highlight of my day :-)

    Cancer means I have to stay indoors now.  
  • 7.30pm

    My favourite quote

    Everyone should learn to dance in the rain.  

Funding research and treatment

Laraib was treated at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where we’ve donated 1 million pounds to build a new cancer unit and upgrade the existing facilities and quality of care. We also fund research to improve treatments and care for children affected by cancer. This includes funding research into acute lymphoblastic leukaemia such as the UKALL 2011 trial and a 3 million pound breakthrough in Minimal Residual Disease testing to reduce relapse rates, just a few of our many projects helping to tackle ALL. Visit our research projects section to learn about all the vital work we’re supporting. Whilst ALL is the most common childhood cancer, Laraib is the only child in the UK to be diagnosed with the extremely rare ALB2 translocation.
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