Over 30 years of impact on children’s cancers

The publication of our Impact Report

Children with Cancer UK celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018. Taking a step back to appreciate just how far we had come – from humble beginnings as a memorial charity to a major force in paediatric oncology today – we decided to mark this huge milestone by commissioning the publication of a report to assess our impact to date. We are delighted to be able to share this report with you – a culmination of in-depth and independent research and evaluation undertaken by The King’s Fund to look at how advances in cancer research and treatments have changed people’s lives. The findings of this report truly demonstrate the significant impact of Children with Cancer UK, not only in the field of childhood cancer research, but also in the offshoot family support services that are desperately needed once a child receives a diagnosis. The King’s Fund identified areas in which Children with Cancer UK has had particular impact and success, some of which include the funding of live-saving and life-changing research such as the Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) test and Precision Medicine, supporting children with cancer and their families through the funding of vital support services, as well as actively promoting collaboration and campaigning across the childhood cancer ‘community’. The report also highlights the fundraising success of the charity until that date, raising over £230 million since its founding.  We encourage you all to read this report, which is a thorough and enlightening look at Children with Cancer UK’s work and impact on children’s cancers. As we look beyond our 30 years of achievements, we will continue to invest in high quality, specialist research and find new ways of supporting children and families so that more children than ever before are able to ring the end of treatment bell. 2019 Impact Report pdf
30 years of impact on children's cancers
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