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Cancer diagnosis

The thing about cancer is immediately when you hear it, you automatically connect it to the word “death”.

Childhood leukaemia – Guilt

I had been telling people how lazy Andrew was because he often refused to walk. I had been hard on him telling him he couldn’t have a piece of cake in the café unless he walked

Communication Passport

A communication passport is a way of supporting a vulnerable person with communication difficulties when they have to transition through different events, such as changing schools, or their first job.

Five ways you can help a friend

Finding out your child has cancer is one of the worst things that can happen to a parent. Friends and family members wish to help but sometimes just don’t know what they could possibly do to make things better.

It’s not the leukaemia - my fear of relapse

I try not to say or think about relapse. Instead, I bury it in my subconscious with a lot of fear, uncertainty and anger.

My child has cancer

This was written from the hearts of over 50 parents of children with cancer. The words are borne from heartache, love and experience.